Plantation drives still continue at the capital

ISLAMABAD: Welfare Division of the Dawat-i-Islami in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change is still continuing the monsoon tree plantation drive.

Talking to NNI here on Wednesday, an enthusiastic worker of Dawat-i-Islami, M Asad Abbas said that the management aims to plant two million saplings in the current July to September monsoon season, adding it will be engaging other religious organizations to join hands as well. Islam not only directs us to plant new trees but also to take care of the existing ones, he said.

The monsoon plantation drive was officially inaugurated by Premier Imran Khan, who launched the campaign by planting an avocado sapling at F-9 Park in recent days.

Some workers of the organization were seen planting saplings at Sector G-11 along Srinagar Highway. A worker Muhammad Arsalan, during planting saplings, said that he himself has become part of such activities as it is ‘sadqa-e-jaria’ for his eternal life.

He said that our religion emphasizes the significance of tree plantations for its believers and followers. In the light of Islamic teachings, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always encouraged believers and his companions to plant trees and take their care till they were mature to sustain themselves for the general well-being of humans and environmental protection, he said.

Agriculture Engineer Dr. Ziaul Haq, working at Arid University, Rawalpindi, said that there is a dire need of inculcating awareness about environmental issues and restoring the ecosystem among the general public. He said that planting trees is of paramount significance and vital for boosting the country’s resilience against the deleterious impacts of climate change, especially floods.

Dawat-i-Islami’s representative at G-11 Markaz without being named said that DI’s environment wing initiated multiple plantation projects throughout the country in spring 2021 along roads, parks, and farms, planting about 300,000 saplings.

It merits mentioning here that the Ministry of Climate Change with the help of many organizations has set a countrywide target of planting 500 million saplings so this will be the largest plantation drive during the season. TF Report

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