Citizen portal to deal Sehat Insaf Card’ complaints after PM’s order

ISLAMABAD: Citizen Portal will be dealing with the Sehat Insaf Card’s complaints after directives from Prime Minister Imran Khan to the Performance Delivery Unit.

On Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directives, the complaints related to health insurance cards have now been linked with the Pakistan Citizen Portal, specifying a special category namely Sehat Insaf Card, according to the Prime Minister Delivery Unit.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, the citizens could lodge their complaints regarding facilities and staffers at the health facilities, a delay or non-cooperation in the provision of spending details, and non-provision of health facilities.

The citizens could also lodge complaints regarding hospitals added in the panel of the Sehat Card, the PM office said adding that a special dashboard has been allotted to the higher-ups in State Life Insurance to immediately look into the complaints and address them.

The chairman of State Life Insurance would ensure immediate resolution of the complaints registered at the Citizen portal.

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Insaf Sehat Sahulat Card for seven districts of the Punjab province on May 26, providing universal health coverage to 100 percent population of the districts.

He said that since this is for the first time that such a program- Sehat Insaf Card- has been launched and therefore, they would have to strictly examine its mechanism and working.

The prime minister said that he wanted the poor segments of the society to be provided with basic health facilities free of cost. “It is our belief that if we serve humanity then Allah Almighty will be on our side and bless us,” he said while sharing that the first Islamic State founded by Prophet (PBUH) was also a welfare state.

The senior officials of the State Life Insurance Corporation have been allocated a special dashboard and the Chairman would ensure early redressal of the complaints. TF Report

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