India faces humiliation in Afghanistan: Sheikh Rasheed

–Says India’s discomfort over ISI DG’s Kabul visit is obvious

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Sunday said that India was humiliated and disgraced in Afghanistan. Talking to media persons at the Torkham border, the Interior Minister said that the importance of the region has increased and now it is going to change significantly. He also predicted the formation of a new bloc of countries.

Referring to the evolving situation in the neighbouring country Afghanistan, the Interior Minister said the message of Prime Minister Imran Khan is loud and clear that Pakistan will not allow any country to use its soil against another state. Talking about cross-border movement, Sheikh Rashid said that about 4000 people cross in Pakistan but more than that left the country.

Sheikh Rashid further said that the trade and other activities are continuing smoothly from both sides of the border and bilateral trade will further enhance after the establishment of a new government in Afghanistan. He said security has improved after the implementation of a comprehensive policy of border fencing with Afghanistan. Sheikh Rasheed said that the fencing on the border with Afghanistan has improved the law and order situation. Law and order situation has improved due to the better strategy of the Pakistan Army, FC Security Forces and Police at Pak-Afghan border Torkham.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said FIA immigration and other staff has been increased at the Torkham border to facilitate the people travelling from both sides. Commandant Khyber Rifles col Rizwan Nazir, CCPO Peshawar Abbas Ahsan, District Police Officer Wasim Riaz, NLC Col. Aziz, Lt. Col. Jaffar, Major Asad and other security force officers were also present during the visit. Strict security arrangements were made for the visit and a heavy contingent of FC security forces, Pakistan Army and police personnel were deployed.

Meanwhile, in an interview with a private television channel on Sunday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that Pakistan has nothing to do with the politics in Afghanistan and India’s discomfort over ISI director general’s Kabul visit is obvious. The interior minister said the Indian media has been beating a dead horse as far as the ISI DG’s visit to Afghanistan was concerned. “Why India is feeling pain over this visit,” he asked. He said the faces of Indians were grim and off-colour when they were evacuated from Afghanistan. “Why, because India had suffered a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan,” he maintained.“Indian media’s hue and cry over General Faiz Hameed’s visit is unnecessary as people from the US, the UK and other countries had also visited Kabul,” the minister reminded New Delhi.

Sheikh Rasheed, as usual, predicted that it is possible that a new bloc of countries may emerge in the world. “This region is going to change. Afghanistan’s stability is our stability,” he further said.“The evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan is not our job. It’s up to the Taliban and Kabul,” he said, adding “Formation of government is Taliban’s job as Pakistan has nothing to do with the politics in Afghanistan.”

The minister Prime Minister Imran Khan will decide when to recognize the Taliban government. “We are with the international community and everyone is watching what’s happening in Afghanistan. We want to side with the world as well as want to help in establishing a peaceful and stable Afghanistan,” he elaborated. He said about 10,000 foreigners had evacuated from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then they left for their respective countries from the airports. “They did not enter Pakistan,” he added.

He further said foreigners who have complete documents can enter Pakistan from Afghanistan, and Islamabad will help in their evacuation. The interior minister made it clear that no Afghan refugee came to Pakistan. Sheikh Rasheed also declared Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar as the most intelligent politician of Pakistan.

Responding to a question, Sheikh Rasheed averred he neither has the thinking nor a desire to become a chief minister of Punjab. “I only can work in a ministry,” he added. During his visit to Landi Kotal, Sheikh Rasheed also visited the Meechni checkpoint near the Afghan border. TF Report

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