ISPR video shares fears of an Army Man’s wife on D-Day

RAWALPINDI: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Sunday released another video ahead of the Defence and Martyrs Day on September 06, involving a conversation of the wife of an army man regarding fears in her life. The video shared by the ISPR showed a conversation between three women, with two of them praising the third one- the wife of an army man- regarding her courage during their academic tenure.

The wife during the conversation said that she now has fears in her life and on insistence from the two others said that when Hassan [her husband] is on a military operation, she even fears the unknown phone call or a news report. The ISPR has been releasing videos to pay tribute to the families of the martyrs ahead of the Defence and Martyrs Day observed on September 06.

It was on September 06 in 1965 that the Indian forces crossed the international border in the darkness of night to attack Pakistan but the nation foiled nefarious designs of the enemy. The ISPR on Friday released the eighth video of its series to pay tribute to the martyrs’ families ahead of the Defence and Martyrs Day, showing a bomb disposal squad (BDS) official leaving her mother on a hospital bed to save school children. TF Report

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