Met Gala 2021 Red Carpet

Lil Nas X made one of the evening’s most dramatic entrances, revealing a gold suit of armor and, later, a gold jumpsuit

Lil Nas X went for a succession of rapid costume changes, removing a gigantic velvet robe to reveal a suit of golden armor before unveiling a sparkling golden jumpsuit. Elsewhere, musician Grimes arrived clutching a sword forged from a melted-down gun, which was created by art collective MSCHF, and supermodel Iman wowed in an oversized feathered headdress, gold corset, and feathered, wire-framed ball skirt. Timothée Chalamet’s daring red carpet evolution with so many takes on what American fashion means in 2021, one thing is clear: The Met Gala brought it out in all its diversity. TF Report

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