Veterinary medicines scarcity in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Severe shortage of veterinary medicines in all relevant laboratories, dispensaries, and hospitals of the district has compelled the livestock owners to buy medicines by themselves.

These medicines have been in short supply since the inception of the present regime. Since then the poor livestock owners are suffering great hardships on this account, a citizen Muhammad Abdullah told NNI on Tuesday.

Another villager Khalid Mehmood protested against the incumbent government for not taking action against the non-availability of veterinary medicines at all laboratories, dispensaries, and hospitals of the district.

While remaining anonymous, some officials asked livestock owners to buy all veterinary medicines on their own, adding the department has no budget for such medicines. They said that the department has no budget to overcome any emergency.

They said till now no one has taken notice of the non-availability of these medicines in all hospitals of the district. The livestock department hasn’t taken any visible steps to ease the situation. TF Report

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