Price of 20kg wheat flour bag in Punjab rises to Rs 1260

LAHORE: The price of 20kg wheat flour bag in Punjab has reached Rs 1,260 with a 30 rupees hike to the rate in the province.

The recent hike in flour prices is said to be the result of differences between the government and flour mills. The wheat flour 20kg beg presently being sold in Lahore at Rs 1,260, while in other areas even above to it.

According to sources, the Punjab government has devised a policy of issuing government wheat to flour mills in proportion to the population of a district. The flour mills owners have rejected the government’s this policy and warned to observe strike against the government policy.

Punjab Flour Mills Association has summoned an emergency meeting on September 20 to decide its line of action over the matter.

“The wheat price has soared above Rs 2,300 per maund in the open market, which will result in a further hike in the wheat flour price,” chairman Flour Mills Association Asim Raza said.

In April this year, the flour mills had enhanced the price of 20kg wheat flour bag in Punjab to Rs 1,020 and said that the government has seized flour mills’ wheat quota. “We are purchasing 40kg wheat bag from open market at Rs1,900 and compelled to jack up the flour prices,” said chairman Flour Mills Association. TF Report

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