SC acquits three kidnappings for ransom accused after 18 years

ISLAMABAD: A Supreme Court bench acquitted three accused of kidnapping of a child for ransom after 18 years.

The apex court ordered the acquittal of accused Abdul Wahab, Zaheer Ahmed, and Waris Ali while giving them the benefit of the doubt after hearing the case.

Earlier, the defense lawyers told the court that the complainant had identified the accused in court but no identification parade of the accused was held in the jail. “Identification of the accused in court was not legally acceptable,” the defense lawyer argued.

The accused were charged with kidnapping an eight-year child Moeed for ransom from Lahore in the year 2005. An anti-terrorism court had awarded life sentences to five accused in the case.

The Lahore High Court had acquitted two accused Rizwan and Ashfaq after hearing their appeal. The high court had, however, maintained the life sentence of three accused Wahab, Zaheer, and Waris. TF Report

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