Sidhu and Manmohan will go to hell, decrees UET senior professor

The Freedom Exclusive Report

LAHORE: University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is known for its engineers and professionalism but after a recent speech by its head of department many questions have risen on the prestigious institution’s working environment.

According to a video available to The Freedom of Hafiz Shahbaz Hassan, Chairman Department of Islamic Studies at UET, it can be seen that he is calling all non-Muslims to be hellish. Without understanding the essence of Sharia, the chairman openly distributing certificates of heaven and hell. The speech has raised alarms for the minorities of Pakistan. In the video, it is clearly stated by Hafiz Shahbaz that Manmohan Singh, Veer Singh of Shakargarh and Nivjot Singh Sidhu are non-believer thus they will go to hell. “It is necessary for every non-Muslim in the world to believe our Prophet, if they do not believe then their abode is hell,” said Hafiz Shahbaz in a public meeting. The video which is recorded recently has raised many questions. Hafiz being a civil servant of government of Pakistan, as per Code of Conduct is not allowed to make such speeches. Whereas, the Vice Chancellor of the UET is completely silent on a speech which has openly targeted the minorities.

It is pertinent to mention here that Sidhu is a former cricketer of India and fast friend of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. He has visited Pakistan a couple of times on special invitations of PM Khan while he also praised Imran Khan for working hard for betterment of minorities of Pakistan especially the Sikhs community. The decree of Hafiz Shahbaz at this time, when the country is surrounded by many sensitive issues, such speeches will dent the interests of Pakistan.

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