A spoon of Honey, black pepper and ginger a day; keep cold way

LONDON: The weather is changing and cold is knocking at the door. Every person in the family is facing caugh, throat infection, sneezing and cold issues. If you are taking medicine then it is a good step but besides medicine if you take a spoon of honey then it could cure cold and sneezing. In the following we will tell you how to make it.


  1. Pinch of Ginger (one inch)
  2. A teaspoon of Honey
  3. Two to three Crushed black pepper

How to make

Take out the juice of ginger and add it in spoon of honey, sprinkle it with black pepper. Now eat the spoon of all these ingredients. You can use it after meals or before. This remedy will give you relief instantly. You can repeat this magic remedy daily for three to seven days. TF Report

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