Prices of medicines gone up by 311pc in last two years, Ministry of Health

ISLAMABADThe Ministry of Health disclosed on Friday that in the last two years, the prices of medicines have increased from 2.5 percent to 311 percent.

Replying to a query in the Senate, the ministry revealed that overall prices of essential medicines rose by more than five percent. In the last two years, the prices of medicines in the country have increased by 5.13 percent.

The Minister for National Health Services submitted the written details of the increase in the prices of medicines in Pakistan during the last two years in the Upper House.

According to the written details, in the last two years, the prices of essential medicines in Pakistan have increased by 5.13% and the prices of low-cost medicines by 7.34%.

The prices of 102 medicines have gone up from 2.53 percent to 311.61 percent.

Vaccines purchased from different countries and cost details were also presented, according to which 44.48 million of the total 177.04 million vaccines were received as donations till November 15, 2021.

This includes 36.68 million doses donated by Covax and 7.7 million doses donated by China.

The Ministry of Health also informed the house that the government has purchased 132.56 million food items till November 15. The total cost of purchase of vaccines till November 15, 2021, is Rs 181.4 billion. TF Report

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