Agri production decreases; housing socities increase, says agricultural expert

LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali has said that there are problems with food at the policy level. Agricultural growth is declining historically and housing societies are forcefully constructed on Mango orchards in Multan.

On the occasion, Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali emphasised, “Food security is the most important thing and it is important to keep in view the benefit of farmers in agriculture. We can cultivate crops in all seasons. Agriculture contributes more than 19% to Pakistan’s GDP. Agricultural growth has been declining historically, working mechanically on agriculture can increase productivity.”

The special guest of the workshop was Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council. Other journalists including Muhammad Luqman, President of Agriculture Association and Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry, President of LEJA were also present.

Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali said that we are going to work on kiwi in Shankiari and Kashmir area. We have to minimize post harvest losses in agriculture. “There is demand for our fruits and other agricultural products abroad but we need to work on it.” he said. “We are working to close the crop production gap, housing colonies are being set up in our country instead of mango orchards, we need to protect it, import 3 to 4 billion worth of edible oil from abroad.” he added.

The Chairman said, “We are at the bottom of research in SAARC countries, the point is one per cent for research. The Prime Minister is working on various projects to increase production through the Agricultural Emergency Program. He said that the main objective of Crop Life Pakistan is to promote agriculture in the country.
In order to increase agricultural production, we increase the capacity of farmers as well as our staff. All Crop Life companies work to provide the best seeds in the country. We have to go through a big phase, we are committed to provide the best services to the farmer.”The workshop was organized by Crop Life Pakistan Association on Agricultural Stability. TF Report

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