PIA operates special flight for Hindu pilgrims

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Thursday operated a special flight for Hindu pilgrims at the request of the Pakistan Hindu Council.

As per details, Hindu pilgrims hailing from Pakistan and foreign countries travel to Kark via Peshawar from Karachi. The Hindu pilgrims offered their religious rituals at the Samadhi (Temple) in Kark.

Head of Pakistan Hindu Council, Romesh Kumar said that the recent initiative of the government has once again proved that minorities are enjoying equal rights and religious freedom in Pakistan.

Kumar also requested the PIA to operate international flights for the Hindu pilgrims so that they can visit their religious sites easily. The passengers appreciated the PIA administration for providing the best travel facilities for their religious rituals.

On other hand, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Arshad Malik said that the PIA has planned special flights for the people believing in different religions to promote inter-faith harmony. TF Report

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