Imran Khan fears nuclear war because of BJP’s policies

ISLAMABADPrime Minister Imran Khan has declared that he feared a nuclear war with India because of the fascist policies of the BJP government.

Imran Khan said the BJP’s fascist government was dangerous to India and the region and “feared that the Pakistan-India nuclear war could break out because of the BJP’s policies”.

“I do not understand how the BJP governs a wise nation like Hindus,” he said during an interview with Al Jazeera.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the situation of the Kashmiris, saying that the occupied Kashmir is like a prison, adding that eight million Kashmiris are forced to live in the open prison. “We will raise the Kashmir issue at all forums,” he added.

To a question about Kashmir issue, he said Pakistan has raised the blatant violations of international human rights laws in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

When asked as to what would be Pakistan’s response if India tries to launch strike against it, the Prime Minister said Pakistan will respond exactly how it did in Feb 2019.

He said if the fascist BJP government of India takes such an action, it would risk two nuclear-armed countries coming face to face. He said that the people of India are sensible but they are being ruled by fanatics.

The Prime Minister also maintained that the factor behind the countries’ poverty was not the lack of resources but the corruption of their leadership. “Corruption is something which destroys a country. The poor countries are poor not because of they lack resources but because their leadership is corrupt,” Imran Khan said.

The developing world is poor because the ruling elite siphoned off the money and laundered it into offshore accounts. He said the rule of law and public welfare were the two guiding principles of the Madina State. “A society is civilized only when it has the rule of law. Without rule of law, there is no future. When ministers start stealing, you cannot make progress,” he remarked.

Responding to a question, the prime minister said the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) had transformed the human beings and changed their characters, and made them leaders. “He was Rahamtullil Alamin (blessing for the whole world), not just the Muslims. Anyone who will follow his model will rise,” Imran Khan remarked.

He told the interviewer that there were two entrenched family parties, so fighting them was like fighting a mafia. He said both the parties had money and state resources which also used money and media against him.

He blasted the Bhuttos and Sharifs and accused them of destroying the country and having a hand in the problems the country faces today. Pakistan was rich in resources, but the Bhutto and Sharif families used them unfairly, he added.

About the internal situation of the country, Imran Kham said no country has a future unless it has a rule of law and our government has focused on establishing justice and rule of law to fight corruption.

He said the current government inherited the hardest situation including the highest ever debt, highest ever fiscal deficit.  He said we tried to cut down expenditures and raise revenue and we were doing well but due to the coronavirus pandemic that affected all countries, Pakistan also faced consequences like inflation.

The Prime Minister said low-level corruption is very difficult to tackle and takes a long time but we are focusing on bringing an automated system to check corruption. He said my aim is to establish an Islamic welfare state through a system of justice.

Mentioning the government’s efforts to tackle climate change, the Prime Minister said we started the ten billion tree tsunami program and we have already planted two and half billion trees.

Imran Khan said his government wanted Pakistan to become a prosperous country and fought against the two super-rich families. He claimed that the two families were working to establish their dynasties in Pakistan and were responsible for the current mess the country is in.

“I myself will conduct transparent investigations against ministers if allegations of corruption are levelled against them,” he said, adding that the government took action after a sugar investigation report revealed the mafia.

Imran Khan told Al Jazeera’s anchor Ola Al-Fares that during his long stay in Britain he was well acquainted with the Western political system and has always criticized the policies of the Western powers.

To a question regarding Islamophobia, he stressed for a joint response on the part of all Islamic countries to make the West understand the true spirit of Islam.

He said terrorism has no relationship with Islam or any other religion but unfortunately due to lack of an intellectual response by Muslim leaders the phenomenon of Islamophobia got propagated.

Expressing concern over the Afghan crisis, the Prime Minister said that they were facing extreme hunger and that the United States should support them. “I did not understand what goals the United States wanted to achieve in Afghanistan. They occupied the country for 20 years in the name of the so-called war [against terror].”

He said the world including the US should think rationally for sake of 40 million people or else the situation would lead towards chaos and terrorism as ISIS was already there.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned if international community does not timely assist Afghanistan, there will be a huge humanitarian crisis that may turn the country into a haven for international terrorists once again.

He said whatever the international powers did in Afghanistan was insanity, as they tried to achieve their objectives through war. He said the situation in Afghanistan is very difficult for Pakistan because if Afghanistan goes into chaos once again Pakistan would be the worst sufferer of it.

He mentioned that Pakistan has already suffered a lot due to decades of instability and war in Afghanistan.

In case of any chaos in Afghanistan, Pakistan would be the biggest sufferer as the country had already been hosting three million refugees.

Asked about his cricketing career, the prime minister said cricket as in his family with his cousins and uncles already into it. He said the sports taught ability to cope with bad times and defeat and dynamics of picking up yourself again.

He said he gave some additional years to cricket just to remain in limelight and build the cancer hospital. Just for the very cause, he changed himself from an introvert and shy person to the biggest fundraiser.

He said Shaukat Khanum Hospital was the first such private facility in the world treating 75% patents free of charge.

He said he would never have been able to build the hospital if he had not learned struggle from cricket.

He said Imran Khan alone could not make any change rather the whole Muslim world must take a joint stance at the forums like the United Nations to make some difference.

The prime minister advised the youth to adopt Holy Prophet as a role model. They should know how he transformed the characters and made them leaders.

He said Pakistan was declared among the best to have effectively navigated through the COVID pandemic by maintaining a balance between lives and livelihood.

He said like other developing countries, Pakistan was also faced with imported inflation owing to the price hike of commodities like edible oil and pulses which are imported.

He said in order to do away with the disparity in the education system, the government introduced one core educational curriculum with consensus and consultation with all stakeholders. TF Report

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