Indian purge: monkeys kill 250 dogs in revenge massacre

NEW DELHI: In a remote Indian village, a large number of monkeys have started a war with canines. The event takes place in Maharashtra’s district named Beed.
According to locals, as many as 250 dogs have been dragged to the tops of buildings and trees and dropped by a crew of raging primates that are apparently furious with the pups after they killed one of their babies, Indian media said.
The village residents said that around one and half dozen monkeys have been on a quest for revenge and in the nearby Lavool village, not a single dog has survived the purge. They said that the killings started about a month ago when a few dogs killed an infant monkey and since then, the moment a dog is spotted, simians are apparently snatching up the pups and dragging them somewhere high to drop them to their deaths. TF Report

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