Heavy snowfall blankets mountaintops, cities in KP, Balochistan

ISLAMABADA strong westerly wave is affecting most parts of the country and may persist till Sunday causing heavy snowfall in Balochistan and upper areas of the country while rain decreased the mercury in Lahore and plain areas of Punjab.

Hot favorite town of tourists Kalam received a record 16 inches of snow during the last 24 hours.

Snowfall (inches) in the past 24 hours: Malamjabba, Kalam 12, Murree 03, Chitral 01, Gupis, Bagrote, Skardu, Hunza Trace.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Lowari Tunnel—10.4 km vehicular tunnel under the Lowari Pass of the Hindu Kush mountains, between Dir and Chitral in KP—has been closed for all kinds of tourists.

The heavy snowfall also continued in Tirah Valley which is the tourist spot of the Khyber district of the erstwhile FATA that has now been merged into KP.

The weather office said heavy snowfall has also been going on in South Waziristan’s Wana town. Moreover, Razmak Road and Angoor Adda trade highway are closed due to snowfall leaving people trapped in their homes.

The Yakh Tangi—the tourist spot of Shangrila—have also received heavy snowfall. However, tourists have been enjoying the picturesque view of the valley.

In Azad Jammu Kashmir, people have been confined to their homes as they could not commute amid the heavy snowfall.

The land communication between Leepa valley and divisional headquarters Hattiyan Bala has been cut off.

Other areas of Haitian Bala like Pando, Khulna, Bani Hafiz, Sena, Daman, Gujar Bandi, and Syedan Bandi are also in the grip of heavy snowfall while it reported that classes have been conducted as per usual despite harsh weather conditions and students have to walk to school amid thick snow despite road closures.

Heavy snowfall and rain lashed Balochistan’s Pasni, Omara, Gwadar. The authorities have imposed an emergency in Gwadar and nearby cities to counter the losses from the recent rains and snowfall.

In Ziarat, authorities spread salt on roads to reduce accidents and for safer drives as roads become slippery after heavy snowfall.

Lahore’s skyline has turned back to blue after a charcoal-like environment for the last few months as rain clears the air and evades the smog and polluted particles from the air. However, today thick clouds appeared as intermittent rain continued from last night. Wasa teams have been continuing their operations to clear the water ponding in the low-lying areas.

In Karachi, strong wind with light and heavy rains lashed the port city that may last till Jan 13.

Widespread intermittent rain with snow over the hills is expected in Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir till Jan 13.

Heavy rain and good snowfall is also likely in upper Punjab, Islamabad, Kashmir and upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the period.

Past 24 Hour Weather: Rain (with snowfall over hills) occurred at scattered places in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Punjab, upper Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan, and Kashmir.

Rainfall (mm): Balochistan: Pasni 137, Gawadar 104, Ormara 74, Turbat 44, Jiwani 40, Khuzdar 19, Quetta (Samungli 13, City 07), Panjgur 11, Lasbella 08, Kalat 06, Dalbandin 03, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Dir (Upper 33, Lower 23), Pattan 33, Kalam 25, Malamjabba 24, Balakot 22, Saidu Sharif 21, Kakul 18, Parachinar, Peshawar 15, Tahktbai 14, Drosh 13, Cherat, Mirkhani 12, Chitral 11, Bannu 02, Kashmir: Rawalakot 17, Muzaffarabad (City 12, AP 10), Garhidupatta 13, Punjab: Murree 12, Islamabad (ZP 11, Saidpur 10, Golra 08, Bokra 07, AP 05), Rawalpindi (Shamsabad 09, Chaklala 08), Chakwal 06, Attock 08, Sialkot, Jhelum 04, Gujrat 02, Lahore, M.B.Din, Okara, Sahiwal, Narowal 01, Gilgit Baltistan: Gupis 12, Bagrote 03, Skardu 02, Gilgit 01, Sindh: Jacobabad 04, Padian and Dadu 03.

Today’s Lowest Minimum Temperature (°C): Leh, Gupis -07, Bagrote Skardu -05, Astore, Kalam -04, Parachinar -03, Gilgit, Drosh, Malamjabba -02, Cherat, Ziarat, Dir, Mirkhani, Baramulla, Shupiyan, Pulwama -01. TF REPORT

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