Taliban say female educational institutions to reopen after March

ISLAMABAD: Dispelling the impression that the Taliban were against the female education, Afghan Deputy Minister for Information and Culture Zabiullah Mujahid said on Monday that educational institutions for girls would reopen in the country after March this year.

In an interview with a foreign news channel, Zabiullah said that the new Afghan government was trying its best to reopen these institutions after March 21, 2022, the day the new Afghan year Nowruz begins. “It is not that we are opposed to female education. As a matter of fact, making arrangements for female education is actually the matter of the new Afghan government’s capacity,” the minister clarified.

The Afghan minister further said separate classrooms for girls and boys were not enough. “There should be separate schools for both the sexes, particularly in crowded areas,” he emphasized.

“Finding locations for new hostels or building new ones for the female students has been the biggest headache for the Taliban government so far,” Zabiullah disclosed.

It is pertinent to mention here that educational institutions for the females are closed in 24 out of 34 provinces of Afghanistan, barring primary schools.

The international community, on the other hand, is exerting pressure on the Taliban to reopen schools, colleges, and universities for girls. TF REPORT

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