Maryam says Imran’s address shows he is unfit to hold any office

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has slammed Imran for his threatening statements and desperate petty jabs at her party leadership and raised serious questions regarding Imran Khan’s mental fitness to hold prime Minister’s office after his Sunday public address.

She said she had already expressed concern over Imran Khan’s mental health but his public address had raised even more serious questions regarding his mental fitness to hold the office he was imposed upon in 2018.

Marriyum said when Imran was ranting and rambling from the container, he used to threaten that once he would be in power he would go after everyone, and after 4 years of being in power he was threatening that he wouldn’t spare anyone if he was booted out of power.

The PML-N leader said the PM’s threat was a confession that Imran’s government was a product of RTS manipulation because had it been through the people’s vote, he wouldn’t need to fear his ouster by anyone else, nor would he need to threaten the people or anyone else.

Imran talks about taking to the streets, he should know that people of Pakistan crushed by this imposed government, were waiting for him on every street to punish him for making their lives miserable, she said.

The former Information Minister said Pakistan and the entire world had already seen the truth of both of Imran’s threats about on-street
agitation and being in power.

She said when Imran got into power he ran the most vicious campaign of political victimization, jailing his political opponents in death row cells over trump-up charges, violating their privacy by raiding their homes over false pretexts, and creating an economic and political crisis in Pakistan.

The opposition had now not only braved that persecution-spree but had been vindicated from all those false accusations not only by courts in Pakistan but abroad as well, she stressed adding that it was now time for Imran to be held accountable for the havoc he played with Pakistan, its institutions, its economy, and its people.

She said this speech by Imran was a speech of a man who had realized that he has proven himself as an incompetent and clueless person who had been caught red-handed with corruption and had already lost. It was an outburst of a desperate, frustrated loser who was consumed by the fear of losing power that he never deserved. This speech was good news for the nation because it clearly showed that Imran had already accepted his fate that his time in office was over.

Maryam lashed out at Imran saying, “How dare you to call Shehbaz a criminal. Imran had proven that he was the greatest criminal in the history of this country who had destroyed the national economy; impoverished tens of millions; snatched livelihoods and jobs of tens of millions; destroyed the political fabric of this country; violated the constitution, parliamentary rules, and electoral laws and set the country
on-course for annihilation.

She said Imran the top-criminal robbed people’s pockets with Rs 500 billion corruption in gas; created false shortage by exporting 1.1
million tons of sugar and selling sugar from Rs 50 to Rs 110, and then again made billions by importing sugar; created wheat shortage by first exporting 6 million tones and then imported it at expensive rates and jacked up flour cost from Rs 32 to Rs 90; dug up potholes worth Rs 120 billion in BRT Peshawar and buses that catch fire the moment they are put on the road; caused the fall of Kashmir to India; insulted the Parliament; weakened the federation of Pakistan; destroyed every department; responsible for the return of terrorism in Pakistan; money-laundered billions in foreign funding through Sahir Iqbal, Muhammad Nauman Afzal, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Rafique and others that have those 26 secret illegal accounts; increased DAP fertilizer from Rs 2400 to Rs 9,700; created shortage of Urea and the list goes on.

These crimes and more were a small measure of what a criminal Imran Khan is. Meanwhile, Shehbaz Sharif saved over Rs 1 trillion of the nation when he was in power, which was a part of the official record of this country. This was even beyond, legal, constitutional and official call of duty, Shehbaz did it because he works for the country and its people not for cuts from ATM.

He benefitted the farmers of this country even though it meant inflicting loss to this own family’s business. He established schools,
hospitals, roadways, mass transit systems, technological advancements; electricity power plants; LNG plants; ring roads; laptop schemes; stood with farmers and set up projects and schemes that Imran couldn’t even dream of completing which was why he couldn’t digest Shehbaz Sharif’s success.

She said Imran wouldn’t have had to pursue an agenda of political victimization and propagation of false accusations and lies about Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif. Even before opening his mouth about Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif, Imran should remember that Nawaz Sharif left his ailing wife on the deathbed and came to Pakistan with his daughter Maryam to face these false cases.

Imran is so obsessed with Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif because he knew that the people of Pakistan now unequivocally believe that Imran should step down to make way for Nawaz and Shehbaz because only they have the solution to the crisis created by the Imran-led regime.

Because he knows that Nawaz and Shehbaz do not need to wait for the umpire’s signal at D-Chowk. Because he knows that Nawaz and Shehbaz would use the democratic system to not only send Imran home but hold him accountable for all of his crimes that had turned a progressing country into a socioeconomic disaster. TF REPORT

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