Legal notice steps taken to block Facebook in Pakistan

QUETTALegal notices have been sent to Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Director General FIA, and Federal Finance Minister to take legal actions against the Facebook administration.

Daily Qudrat, through a famed lawyer, Ameen Ullah Garsheen sent the notice to Facebook on 25th January 2022.

The notice demanded an apology within 7 days and to reopen all the blocked accounts, pages. The notice also demanded facebook officials to open their official offices in Pakistan, arguing that our neighboring India has six facebook offices that are working against Pakistan.

The notice says that PTA has failed to defend the rights of Pakistani Facebook users, adding that, PTA officials should immediately take notice of the grievances and block the website until all the concerned issues are resolved.

Moreover, the notice sent to FIA argued that, as per the cybercrime act, Facebook administration cannot take illegal action against any user and if they do then FIA should take immediate legal action them.

Similarly, the notice sent to the federal finance minister pleaded that, facebook administration is taking millions of rupees in the name of paid advertising. The Finance ministry should restrict all the banks in Pakistan to stop transactions through Facebook until they agree to open their official offices in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to know that Facebook administration, which is clearly under the influence of the Indian lobby, has illegally taken action against the Pakistani Media pages and general people accounts that defend Pakistan on the social portals.

The prime example of that illegal act was when Facebook officials Daily Qudrat Page was Hide on 28th Oct 2021 From Facebook and after Contact With Facebook Team, The Said the page is not removed it’s only hidden due to Some technical issues But after too much time contact with Facebook they didn’t restore the page.

This is not just a problem of daily Qudrat but this is the attitude of Facebook towards its users in Pakistan. Their grievances are not resolved. Posts related to Pakistan’s prestige and defense are deleted because Facebook is controlled by its 6 offices in Pakistan-India.

If Facebook fails to restore the account of Daily Qudrat, then as per law to initiate legal proceedings against you all in the competent Court of law, they will be obliged to pay 9.6 Million dollars per likes and a hefty penalty of 50 Million dollars. TF REPORT

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