Pak-Afghan Trade Facilitation Committee welcomes withdrawal of custom duty

LAHORE: Chairman Pak-Afghan Trade Felicitation Committee Riaz Ahmed on Sunday lauded the government decision to withdraw custom duty on goods imported from Afghanistan, terming the decision as instrumental in boosting trade and commercial activities between the two countries.
“I passionately appeal the government of Pakistan for granting same incentive to commercial importers who are equally playing commendable role in boosting trade and commercial activities in the country,” Riaz Ahmed said in a statement.
He pointed out that non-registered Pakistani importers are not being fully facilitated by the ongoing scheme of withdrawing Custom Duty by the government. Demanding withdrawal of custom duty on not registered industries, the trade leader further added that raw material used for making hand-made carpets are produced by commercial exporters who are not formally registered. He said that these unregistered commercial industries should also be included in the custom free list to boost country’s export in the international market. He suggested by proving same opportunity to commercial importers like registered would be a great support and help to the commercial importers in the field. TF REPORT

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