PIA ready to operate flights for stranded students from Ukraine

KARACHIPakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik on Friday said that they were ready to bring back stranded Pakistani students from Ukraine, following an attack from Russia.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik said that PIA could operate special flights to bring back stranded students.

“We are in touch with foreign ministry officials for the return of stranded students in Ukraine,” he said and added, “As soon as we get a green signal, we will operate flights for those trapped in war-hit Ukraine.”

The PIA CEO further shared that he had made a contact with Pakistan’s ambassador in Ukraine and he is collecting information regarding the number of Pakistanis who would be evacuated from the country. “We will release details of the flights as soon as the situation improves,” he said.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ukraine Dr Noel I Khokhar has previously confirmed that overall 1,500 Pakistanis including 500 students are present in war-torn Ukraine and they are safe.

Dr. Noel Khokhar said that all Pakistanis are safe and they are told to move to safe locations. The envoy said that they will make arrangements for the evacuation of Pakistanis after moving them to safer places.

“Overall 15,000 Pakistanis are present in Ukraine including 500 students. We are in touch with all Pakistanis. Many of the nationals have already departed from the country following our advice and a few students are left in the war-hit country. They would be evacuated soon.”  TF REPORT

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