Russia-Ukraine conflict: ‘Foreign envoys’ press release unacceptable’: Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office on Friday expressed concern over a press release issued by foreign envoys urging Pakistan to condemn the Russian invasion and said that use of such language by missions of the European countries was unacceptable.

“We have conveyed our reservations to the European embassies,” the foreign office spokesman said during the weekly briefing and added, “Secretary Foreign Affairs raised the matter with the envoys.”

It said that the European missions admitted that they should not have released such a press release. “We have been closely following the situation in Ukraine, and have remained proactively engaged with members of the international community.”

The foreign office spokesman further said that Pakistan is committed to the fundamental principles of the UN Charter. “Equally, Pakistan upholds the principle of equal security for all. These principles must be consistently and universally respected.”

He further said that Pakistan remains deeply concerned at the recent turn of events and it reflects a failure of diplomacy. “Prime Minister Imran Khan regretted the latest situation between Russia and Ukraine, and said that Pakistan had hoped that diplomacy could avert military conflict.”

“We have since repeatedly stressed the need for de-escalation, renewed negotiations, sustained dialogue, and continuous diplomacy,” the foreign office said and added, “All efforts must be made to avoid further escalation of violence and loss of life as well as military, political and economic tensions which can pose an unprecedented threat to international peace and security and global economic stability.”

The spokesman further hoped that the talks initiated between representatives of the Russian Federation and Ukraine will succeed in bringing about a cessation of hostilities and normalization of the situation.

“A diplomatic solution in accordance with relevant multilateral agreements, international law, and the provisions of the UN Charter is indispensable.” TF REPORT

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