PM says ready to forgive dissident MNAs; urges nation to take a firm decision

DARGAI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday asked the estranged Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s members of the National Assembly to return back to the party fold because as ahead of the party, he would forgive them.

Addressing a huge public gathering here, the prime minister told the PTI’s dissidents that it was his message to them to come back because as a father he was ready to forgive them.

“Humans can commit blunders. For the sake of your children’s future do not commit this mistake,” he added. The prime minister said that often a decisive phase arrived in a nation’s history, requiring it to take a definite stance.

Today, he said, on one hand, big dacoits of Pakistan had gathered to save their looted wealth and on the other hand, there were those people who had been striving for decades against their corruption.

The prime minister said the decisive phase has now arrived for the nation to take a definite course. Referring to opposition parties, the prime minister said that they had been offering bribes to the lawmakers to switch loyalty and party affiliations with their ill-gotten wealth.

He said those legislators who had been elected to safeguard public interests had sold out their conscience for wealth. They not only sold out their country and nation but also their religious faith.

There was not a single religion in the world that allowed such shabby acts, he added. The prime minister said the judiciary, Election Commission of Pakistan, and the nation, especially the youth were observing the situation.

He said it was an era of social media and the young people had more awareness, knowledge, and information available on social media tools. “It is being called a democracy,” the prime minister sarcastically alluded to the statements of the opposition parties.

The prime minister while sharing his experience of life in the United Kingdom said that he had never heard of the members of parliament selling their loyalties as they had strong democratic values and political insight. They never thought of such tactics.

The prime minister said that under the Quranic injunctions, the society had been advised to take a firm stance against evil and wrongdoings as it could not remain neutral. In Sindh House, bags of money were distributed among the members of the parliament, he said, likening it to a ‘funeral of democracy’.

The prime minister said it was an obligation for the nation to stand up and raise its voice against such tactics. TF REPORT

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