President dissolves National Assembly on PM Imran Khan’s advice

ISLAMABAD: President of Pakistan Arif Alvi has approved advice from Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the dissolution of National Assembly.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry took to Twitter and said that under Article 224 of the Constitution, the prime minister will continue to perform his duties while the federal cabinet stands dissolved.

Immediately after Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan, Suri ruled to reject the
no-trust motion from the opposition parties against Prime Minister Imran
Khan, over having links with the foreign conspiracy, the prime minister
announced dissolution of assemblies in an address to the nation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier in his address to the nation said that he had sent a summary to the President for the dissolution of the assemblies and also called upon the public to get ready for the new elections.

The Prime Minister said, “I have suggested to the President to dissolve the Assemblies so that there would be elections and the people would decide who they want to bring.”

“The conspiracy to take down this government has collapsed,” he added. The PM said, “I thank Allah that such a big foreign conspiracy has failed.”

“The people should decide what they want, not foreigners. Buying people’s support with money has resulted in this (situation). Put that money into something better, for orphanages, etc. I implore the nation to prepare for elections. You will decide the future of this nation, not foreigners or corrupt people,” Khan said.

“I have advised the President to dissolve the Assemblies. This is a democratic society. Let us democrats go to the people. Let the elections be held, and let the people decide who they want. A conspiracy from outside, and these corrupt people should not be allowed to determine this country’s destiny by buying off people with bags of money,” he said. TF REPORT

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