Oil tanker driver risks his life to save many lives in Sanghar

SANGHAR: An oil tanker driver in Sanghar (Sindh) performed a heroic act by saving the lives of scores of people after the vehicle caught fire at a petrol station and he drove it eight kilometers away from the nearby locality and ultimately himself jumped from it to save
his life as well.

However, two people received burn injuries in the process. The footage
of the incident clearly shows the tanker engulfed in flames passing
through different streets of the locality.

Talking to the media, the driver said that there was 10, 000 liters of petrol in the tanker. “And while it was being unloaded, a motorcyclist mistakenly threw a cigarette on the petrol spilled on to the floor which resulted in the fire,” he explained.

Residents of the area raised slogans to express their jubilation and to praise the driver’s heroism. TF REPORT

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