Qasim Suri, Dost Mazari take ‘traitor war’ to Twitter

ISLAMABAD: A war of words broke out between the deputy speakers of the National Assembly and the Punjab Assembly over twitter with both defending their actions keeping in view the prevailing political situation in the country.

Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari in his tweet said that he refused to become Qasim Khan Suri and he could not commit treason against the constitution. He said that Imran Khan could label him a traitor.

In his response, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri said, “You (Dost Mazari) could not become Qasim Khan Suri because to become Suri you need loyalty, bravery, passion, love of the motherland, hatred of slavery, freedom of mind and living conscience.”

Suri said that Dost Mazari and others took the oath and got the slot of deputy speakership in the name of Imran Khan and sold it to the slaves of Englishmen. He said, “You are a traitor and a slave.” TF REPORT

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