Ministry refutes news of increase in sugar price

KARACHI: Ministry of Industries and Production on Thursday has refuted the news of the increase in the sugar price.

The ministry in its clarification said that the sugar is available at Rs85 per kg in retail and at Rs82 per kg in the wholesale markets of the
country. We reject such malicious reports about the increase in sugar, the ministry said in its statement.

The spokesperson of the ministry further said that the monitoring teams checked the price of sugar in Karachi’s Juria Bazar, Lahore’s Akbari Mandi and Islamabad for the price of sugar and found it in accordance with the government fixed rate.

The ministry said that as per the government’s policy it is mandatory to show CNIC while purchasing from the utility stores to ensure the
provision of essential items to the masses at a lower price.

The ministry further said that the sugar is being sold at Rs85 at the utility stores across the country, while there were some reports about
the selling of the commodity at Rs94 per kg on which inquiry has been launched. TF REPORT

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