Juma-tul-weda in Jamia Anwaar-e-Madina Qasmia, under the supervision of Sufi Muhammad Shoukat Ali Qadri

LAHORE: Juma-tul-weda was observed with religious fervour and zeal in Jamia Anwar-e-Madina Qasmia Lahore, under the supervision of Sufi Muhammad Shoukat Ali Qadri. On this auspicious occasion, thousands of people from the suburbs of Lahore came to the mosque to offer Friday prayer. Strict security arrangements were done to provide fool-proof security to the participants. Along with the Punjab police, the members of Anwaar-e-Madina Qasmia performed this drill with immense enthusiasm. At the end of the prayer, Al-Haj Sufi Muhammad Shoukat Ali Qadri, the patron-and-chief of Jamia Anwaar-e-Madina Qasmia, prayed in his peculiar inspirational manner wherein he especially prayed for the progress, prosperity and integrity of Pakistan. The fast observers and Motakfeen (The guests of Allah who stay in the mosque for the last ten days of Ramadan to claim Allah’s Mercy) were moved to tears during the prayer when they thought of the fleeting moments of the holy month of Ramadan.

While expressing his views, Sufi Muhammad Shoukat Ali Qadri said that fast (roza) irrigates the dried up soul and strengthens it. The fast observer attains spiritual serenity and the soul gets purified and sanctified. During this blessed month of Ramadan, Allah Almighty forgives innumerable people and multiples the reward of every virtue manifold.





Besides, when a muslim seeks forgiveness from Allah Almighty for his smaller and greater sins throughout the month, he comes closer to Allah and attains His affinity. While addressing the youth especially, Sufi Muhammad Shoukat Ali Qadri said that fast preaches abstinence and one who follows it, attains control on his evil self. He attains the heights of abstinence. During the discussion with Sufi Muhammad Shoukat Ali Qadri , he further informed that hundreds of people have observed Aitkaf in Jamia Anwaar-e-Madina Qasmia. Best arrangements for the Sehr-o-Iftar have been done for them without costing even a penny to them. Apart from it, Sehr-o-Iftar both in the morning and evening has been arranged for all and sundry for the whole month of Ramadan. PRESS RELEASE

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