RYK man divorces wife over giving birth to girls

RAHIM YAR KHAN: In a shocking incident, a man in Punjab’s district of Rahim Yar Khan gave divorced his wife over the continuous birth of girls.

As per details, Amna Bibi got married to Fayyaz Ahmed some fifteen years ago in Rahim Yar Khan, but the merciless man divorced his wife after giving birth to five girls during the last 15 years of the marriage.

Fayyaz after divorcing Amna Bibi stopped giving expenses for the look after of his five daughters and that resulted in hunger in the family, but the brave mother took the responsibility of the family and set up a Biryani stall for the livelihood of her daughters.

Talking to a private news channel, Amna Bibi said quarrels broke out in her family after the continuous birth of a third baby girl in the house and later differences with Fayyaz Ahmed intensified after the birth of the fourth daughter.

Amna with teary eyes said after getting divorced, she never begged from her brothers and sisters but set up a Biryani stall on a pushcart in the area.

Amna Bibi’s seven-year-old daughter Fiza, who studies, use to help her mother in the business after returning from school. TF REPORT

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