Trade with India about to begin, claims Sheikh Rashid

RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed tweeted on Monday that friendship was being built with Israel at the behest of imperialist powers and trade with India was about to begin.

The former interior minister said, “What will Shehbaz Sharif, who could not bring back his brother in four years on the guarantee of Rs50 court stamp, give to the nation?” He claimed that distances with Iran and China were about to widen.

“One has made his son the chief minister; another has made his son the foreign minister; and a third one has made his son the communications minister. This was the alliance of the three political rats,” he flayed.

Sheikh Rashid said that the poor people were dying of loadshedding, inflation and unemployment which they [new government] no longer cared about. He added that people like Rana Sanaullah had been hired to suppress the nation with bullets, batons and tear gas.

“Now, 8 to 12 hours loadshedding is not their problem. Their problem is to get their cases removed from NAB, FIA and ANF, and work on the removal of those cases is fast underway,” Sheikh Rashid alleged.

“The government with one-vote majority will collapse at any moment,” he claimed. “Keeping 10 million overseas Pakistanis away from politics and voting process is a national dishonesty. The Supreme Court has given its verdict on that in 2018,” he flayed.

“I am going to the Supreme Court for the right of overseas Pakistanis to vote,” he declared, adding: “Overseas Pakistanis are the only ones who can save the democracy from a catastrophe when assembly members are on sale for Rs200-250 million.”

Sheikh Rashid said that the first episode of increase in petrol and electricity prices had just arrived, adding that the second episode would come between June 5 and 25. “People will take to the streets themselves and break the chains of slavery,” he said, adding that the collapse of the government was inevitable.

He maintained that a government with a one-vote majority could not represent 220 million people. “The time will soon come when the president will ask them for a vote of confidence, which will shatter all the designs of the imperialist powers,” he claimed.

“The majority of one vote is given only to implement the imperialist designs of slavery,” he added. TF REPORT

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