Updated Hajj Monitoring System launched

ISLAMABAD: An updated electronic monitoring system has been launched by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony for promptly resolving intending Hajj pilgrims’ complaints and monitoring overall Hajj operations with the aim to improve quality of
According to ministry official, the in-built mechanism has been launched in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to make Hajj management easier for the government as well as pilgrims.
The system has an in-built mechanism of transferring the un-resolved complaints to the next tier of management for taking appropriate
measures. A Daily Situation Report (DSR) would be generated for the information of senior management.
The Hajj Monitoring System would also oversee Hajj Group Organisers’(HGOs) performance. It was a comprehensive portal that comes with a
variety of value-added features designed to cater the specific needs of all pilgrims.
A helpline has also been dedicated for responding to inquiries, complaints of pilgrims, besides developing android application named ‘Pak
Hajj Moavin,’ ‘Pak Hajj Guide’ and Mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS) service for dissemination of information.
The Ministry’s inspection Team would monitor the overall performance of Hajj operations. The complaints could also be registered through on-line complaint registration portal.
This system would facilitate in keeping a strict check on the performance of the government and Hajj Group Organisers (HGOs) Schemes, in accordance with the contractual obligations and Saudi Taleemat. TF REPORT

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