Exceptionally high floods at under-construction site of Mohmand Dam

By Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry

PESHAWAR: Extra ordinary flood situation is witnessed in River Swat at under-construction Mohmand Dam Project site. Resultantly, flood water entered the diversion tunnels breaching and overtopping the protection dyke, which adversely affected the construction activities at the Project. Exceptionally high water flows are expected in River Swat in the coming hours as well. With this in view, project management has taken precautionary measures and is closely watching the situation to mitigate any further damage.

There will be high level of flood at River Sindh and River Kabul and 0.7 million cusecs water will cross. The train operation in the country has stopped due to unusual rains. At least 39 165 people including 65 children were killed in the recent heavy rains while five million people have suffered. According to Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) report  around 4.3 million acres of agriculture land suffered due to floods and rains. The PDMA spokesman said that relief operation is going on in the affected areas with 22,568 tents in displaced people have been distributed, 6279 animals were rescued. The spokesman said that as many as 7446 people are residing in relief camps.


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