Afghan tomatoes drastically bring down prices in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan’s import of tomatoes from Afghanistan has helped drastically bring down prices in Karachi.

Massive crop devastation in floods pushed up tomato prices to Rs500 per kilogram in recent weeks.

With imported tomatoes hitting the market the prices have come down to between Rs150 and Rs160 per kilogram in Karachi. Pakistan has also imported truckloads of tomatoes from Iran.

Wholesalers and vendors say they expect further price reductions in the next few days.

According to reports, Afghan tomatoes are distinguishable from Pakistani tomatoes by their rounded shape. Pakistani tomatoes are almost almond-shaped.

Similarly, the price of onions has also dropped to Rs100 per kg from Rs300, though Iranian and Afghan onions are only being supplied to selected vegetable markets in Karachi.

However, prices of other vegetables remain high and most of them are being sold at Rs200 per kg. Their prices may come down in a few weeks. TF REPORT

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