Rain adds misery to flood-ravaged Sindh

THARPARKAR: Sindh which is already facing unprecedented floods owing to torrential rains in different parts of the country for the last two and a half months, was once again lashed by a new round of heavy downpour on Monday aggravating the already pathetic situation.

Heavy rain barreled different areas of Tharparkar including Mithi, Deeplo, and Kloi.

Two young men named Muhammad Musa and Yaqoob died when lightning struck them in Kandaro Lind village in Tehsil Deeplo.  Rain also lashed Tandowala and its adjoining areas. Skies over Umarkot were overcast.

Intermittent rain was hitting the coastal belt of Chohar Jamali. The monsoon downpour was soaking Nawabshah and Goth Pir Bakhsh Zardari.

Rain also pounded different areas of Karachi as an Airblue flight coming from Islamabad could not land at Karachi Jinnah International Airport due to heavy downpour.  Two cuts made to Dadu canal to save city from inundation

Earlier, in order to save Dadu city, the authorities on Monday administered two more cuts in the city canal to divert the course of floodwater that was rushing swiftly to deluge the city.

The assistant commissioner reached the canal with necessary equipment to administer the cuts. He said that after administering these breaches, the city had been saved to a great extent. He said the direction of
flood water was diverted to the river.

Meanwhile, 250 villages were inundated when a 500-foot breach occurred in the Ring embankment of Dadu. Hundreds of families have started evacuating their areas.

Another breach was occurred in Juma canal which submerged more than 20 villages including Allah Bachhayo village in Umar Kot. The flood torrent has destroyed crops.

Two children were drowned in the floodwater in Meed Shaheed village in tehsil Warah in Qambar district on Sunday.

The flood torrents have wreaked havoc in Sindh as the authorities have found four dead bodies in Khairpur floodwater.

A human tragedy is being unfolded in the wake of unprecedented deluges that have hit various areas of the country. One such disaster comes in the shape of loss of lives as almost every day the authorities are
fishing out floating bodies from the floodwaters.

The rescuers today found four bodies floating in Khairpur floodwater but the dead could not be identified so far. The officials shifted these bodies to the city morgue after declaring them unclaimed.

Later, the Farooq Azam Boy Scouts buried them after performing the rite of Ghusul (bathing).

Pakistan army, rangers and civil administration, while taking timely action, have protected Dadu Grid Station from flood and installed 2.4km protective dyke after continuous work for 36 hours.

According to the details, Dadu Grid Station transmits power to northern Sindh and Balochistan but due to the unprecedented flood, it was under dire threat. Therefore, it was necessary to protect the grid station from floods for an uninterrupted power supply.

For this cause, all the military and civilian institutions and stakeholders joined hands in order to take all protective measures and extra resources, manpower and heavy machinery were deployed to build protective walls around the grid station.

People placed sandbags and built embankments on the front side of the station to divert the ingress flow of the flood. It took them 36 hours of hard work to construct a 2.4km long protective dyke.

Resultantly, the grid station was protected from the flood relay and the power supply to the area was not interrupted.

The people of the area thanked the Pak Army and civil institutions for their efforts. TF REPORT

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