Imran Khan announces to launch Haqeeqi Azaadi movement on Saturday

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan Wednesday announced to launch his protest movement for “Haqeeqi Azaadi” against the incumbent government from Saturday (September 24).

Addressing lawyers’ convention in Lahore, former prime minister Imran Khan said once the rule of law is established in the country, the national economy will be on the right path automatically.

“The economy cannot improve until the justice system is improved,” he added. He said the absence of rule of law led to investments drying up and boosted the corruption in the country.

Flaying the PMD-led government for its poor economic policies, he said the rupee had greatly depreciated against the dollar and caused inflation and unemployment to soar.

Imran Khan quoting IMF comments said Pakistan is facing Sri Lanka-like situation, adding that the inflation is the highest in Pakistan’s 50-year history and his party will steer the country out of this crisis.

“The PDM government has put the lives of the people at stake, the national interest and the betterment of the people lies in getting rid of the government as soon as possible,” he added.

PTI Chief alleged that while the poor people were suffering, the wealth of those in the power was increasing. He also criticized the rule of law and unequal application of justice in the country compared to western countries.

Imran Khan said that those “issuing threats from unknown numbers” should be threatened back.  He said that in western countries, no one received threats from unknown numbers and also flayed the recent clamp down on some journalists who were thought to be pro-PTI.

The PTI chairman reiterated that the country needs rule of law and the economy cannot prosper until the justice system is improved.

He thanked legal fraternity for a warm welcome and said that the imported government is leading Pakistan towards quagmire.

Earlier, expressing his views during a meeting at CM Secretariat on Wednesday, the PTI chief said that they would counter the corrupt mafia at each level. “The Punjab leadership and the party organization should remain ready for each political challenge. The PDM government has made the life of the masses a hell,” he maintained.

He said that political objectives cannot be achieved till activating the organization at the union council level. “The government will not be able to repeat the May 25 incident due to the strong organization,” he

Imran Khan said that the betterment of the masses and country’s interest lies in getting rid of the government at the earliest. “People ask me how the conditions can be improved in the country. I assure that there will be no need to beg from other countries if only five percent overseas Pakistanis invest in the country,” he maintained.

Addressing the lawyers convention, Imran Khan said that lawyers should stand for the law and justice. “I need the lawyers community for the country. The country needs the rule of the law most of all,” he added.

The PTI chairman said that these dacoits had done with the country that cannot be done by an enemy. “It is pity that the country is in the hands of thieves right now. They cannot win the election. For this reason, they are fleeing from the elections. If someone threatens you on phone, you should tell him that your constitution grants you freedom to speak,” he concluded. TF REPORT

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