Dacoit loots 2kg gold, Rs1.4m cash from a family on gunpoint

LAHORE: A dacoit on Friday looted two-kilogram gold and Rs1.4 million cash from a family in Lahore.

According to the details, a robber entered a house of a businessman Zubair located in the areas of Kot Lakhpat in Lahore city.

The dacoit pushed the owner of the house back and made hostage all his family at the gunpoint.

He looted the precious jewellery with cash and easily escaped from the scene. Zubair has a mobile shop while his father has a shop for power batteries in the area.

Superintendent Police (SP) Model Town Hasan Javed Bhatti also visited the spot and said that the evidence has been collected from the crime scene with the help of forensic experts.

He ensured the victim family that a case will be registered against the looter and the incident will be investigated. TF REPORT

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