RUDA mega plan to treat contaminated water of 12 drains falling in River Ravi

By Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry

LAHORE: To address the Lahore perennial problem of contaminated water pouring in River Ravi through 12 drains, RUDA has taken an initiative to treat daily 1100 cusecs of contaminated water, thereby eventually making Ravi an enliven river thriving with marine life again.
CEO RUDA Imran Amin has met the CEO of American company (Bio Cleaner) Eros Kaw at the RUDA headquarters to discuss the procedures for the wastewater treatment plant.
During the meeting, the CEO of the company, gave Imran Amin an overview of the project’s numerous benefits and described how the impure water will be made clean and drinkable.
The statement briefed about water plant, which will be situated beside the river in the RUDA area, will incorporate world-class technology.
“More than 1100 cusecs of contaminated water will be pumped out into the river each day from this waste water treatment plant, which will be located at several locations along the Ravi River in Mahmud Booti, Shadbagh, and Shahdarah,” stated the statement.
The statement also added that these projects will cost a total of 80 billion. This eco-friendly project of the American company will promote tourism, boating and fishing business in the Ravi city.
Executive Director Commercial Kashif Qureshi, ED Engineering Abdul Waheed Khan, ED Smart Cities Usman Ahmed, and Director PR Abid Latif were also present in the meeting.

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