UBG demands immediate appointment of administrator

ISLAMABAD: The United Business Group in the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Sunday demanded the government for immediate appointment of Administrator for holding free, statutory and legal belated annual election of the the Chamber.

FPCCI’s Executive Committee members, Mian Muhammad Adrees from Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Nouman Idress Butt from Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Suhail Hussain Malik from Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mian Muhammad Amjad from Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a joint press statement, said that the President of the Federation was bound by law to convene meeting to constitute impartial Election Commission and announce election schedule by 1st half of October every year and even after show cause notice of delay taken by the DGTO for violation of Rule 14 and 16, the Federation is still adamant to not comply with lawful obligations for timely conduct of election.

They said in prevailing sorry state of affairs, no other option except appointment of Administrator as per Section 16 of TO Act to ensure rule of law besides taking stringent action against the delinquents. They further demanded for implementation of amendment in the trade organization.

Act 2013 is absolutely impossible as it carries serious lacunae and anomalies which if attains finality in its current form, the aforementioned situation can disturb the entire structure and organization of the trade bodies, the said adding that it could potentially open up flood gate of administrative and legal problems.

They further explained that tenure of the Federation’s President had been enhanced for two years from one year but its electoral college consisting of Executive Committee and general bodies for affiliated chamber is one year, which they observed would render President non- existent for second year.

Finally they pleaded that in given circumstances, either Federation be directed or Administrator be appointed to hold election to do with unrest prevailing in the business community. TF REPORT

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