PTI leader Fayyaz slaps worker during sit-in protest in Pindi

RAWALPINDI: The pressure and tensions of the days-long sit-in demonstrations by the PTI workers burst into open on Monday when the party activists came to blows during a protest held at Murree Road in Rawalpindi.

This also resulted in a tiff between PTI leader Fayyazul Hassan Chohan and a PTI worker, triggering the former Punjab minister to slap the protester.

Realizing his blunger, Fayyaz immediately tried to calm down the situation, telling the activist “I slap you because I consider you as my child.”

He further said the petrol which was being sprinkled on tyres during the protest demo also soaked workers’ clothes. “That’s why I just cautioned you,” he added.

The worker, Baqar Khan, hit back at the PTI leader, rejecting his notion and said “You did not slap as I am your child, rather it was the result of the rage you harboured against me.”

Later the workers also scuffled during a press conference. TF REPORT

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