Breakthrough technology to track online pollution in water supply

By I. Ahmed  

During the covid-19 period the technology start up firm GreyScan’s ETD-100 has introduced a unique screening platform named TVD-1 & TVD-2 which can trace viruses including SARS-COV-2 in water reservoir and water canals. The technology originally has been already used to trace explosiveschemicals. A technology firm Eco Detection” has introduced a break through advanced technology which can replace a full-scale laboratory infrastructure with a lab in a box platform for measuring and transporting water quality and chemistry data in near real timeThe potential impacts of agriculture, urban runoff and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).   Eco Detection can identify toxic substances dangerous for public health with record correctness as ten times less part per billion.The new technology uses positive and negative electrical and chemical detection signals. This recognized testing system can measure the substances in wastewater which can be beneficial for soil fertility and agriculture such as nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, phosphates, chloride and many high health risk heavy metals pollutants  may be traced and separated from water reservoirs , canal, revers . Continuous water quality monitoring could also be helpful in facilitating nutrient-trading schemes, which are emerging in the U.S. and Australia as market-based management of nutrient discharges into waterways. It is noteworthy that the nutrient pollution is global problem for authorities regulating the water acquirers and waterways .  Various international organizations such as WaterAid, IWMI, WHO ,are supporting these real timeonline pollution monitoring technologies for better services

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed is an International Academician, UN advisor, Research Journalist on energy ,climate health education. He can be reached at



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