New outlook of Board Examination system to meet global standards

By Dr. Iftikhar  Ahmed

The Education board Lahore is going to introduce state of the art technology enabled question paper making and marking system in its forthcoming examinations for Matric and Intermediate standards in 2023. The Chairman B.I.S.E.  Lahore, Dr. Mirza Habib Ali revealed exclusively talking to The Freedom that board has acquired approval from provincial cabinet for the new technology enabled system that will ensure merit transparency of the order of international standards being followed in globally renowned education systems such as Cambridge and Oxford examination board known as “OCR” . It is pertinent to mention that  chairman Lahore board of education ,who is also leading the  Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) has already adopted a number reforms in examination and evaluation system which include a grading system based upon ten point scale from   “A++”  to “U” awarded  in a  graduation of marks secured by students as  “A++” interpreted as   “Exceptional” for  students  securing 95-100% marks; “A+” as  “Outstanding” for 90-95% marks; “A” as  “Remarkable” for 85-90% marks; “B++” as  “Excellent” for 80-85% marks; “B+” as “Very Good” for 75-80% marks; “B” as “Good” for 70-75% marks; “C” as “Fair” for 60-70% marks; “D” as “Satisfactory” for 50-60% marks; “E” as “Sufficient” for 40-50% marks. The notorious and discouraging terminology “F” or “Fail” has been replaced with a new grade “U” as unsatisfactory as practiced internationally. Moreover, the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) has decided to implement relative marking to award “percentile” score which ensure self-standardization of results each year based on extent of difficulty faced by companion students. The said system has been practiced by international standard examinations such ETS USA in Graduate Record Examinations GRE /TOEFL. The recent reforms can help achieve global recognition of awarded testimonials as well as it will phase out the number race in crucial stage of education that has promoted reproduction of wrote learning among youth. Nonetheless, number race has commercialized the education as sell able private label.

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