The unholy alliance of establishment

Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry

Pakistan is passing through a critical time. The divide within political parties, judiciary and military establishment has played havoc with the social tears of the country. Though military and judiciary in the past have joined hands to control the country but this time this alliance has destroyed the society. So far more than 50 persons have lost their lives and thousands have been injured. Thanks to unholy alliance of the duo, which first time in 1950s introduced “Doctrine of Necessity” and after that this duo always used patriotism as a tool but imposed its own agenda of distruction. Either its Martial Law of General Yahya Khan, coup of General Zia ul Haq or General Musharraf; the judiciary has facilitated military. This unholy alliance also played its role in ousting political governments in the era of 1990s while last year, Supreme Court interfered in the Parliament Affairs and gave shoulder in sending home an elected Prime Minister Imran Khan.
This is not all, a couple of days ago a Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Amir Farooq using his ‘powers’ helped military to arrest Imran Khan. This unlawful use of law by the higher court was condmned by every civilian person of Pakistani society. Thr CJ Islamabad High Court declared this arrest lawful thus fueling the fire and creating unrest in the country. Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) workers got angry and attacked the military houses and buildings alleging military for being behind this decision. Inter Services Public Relation (ISPR) of Pakistan Army instead appealing protesters remain calm, it held responsible PTI for this unrest. The ISPR threatened PTI for taking strict action in future. If this is done in any civilized society, the ISPR would have been sacked but in Pakistan anything is expected from the powerful personalities. Though arrest of Imran Khan has been declared unlawful by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court but still many people believe that the decision was taken on the pressure of PTI workers. The coming days are most important in Pakistan but in the whole episode people of Pakistan are totally ignored by the elite decision makers.

The writer is a senior journalist and has worked in different newspapers and channels.

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